Meet the team

Ozone Metaverse is built on the belief that community matters. Our own community of creators involves some the brightest minds in the industry.

Our team

Co-Founder, CEO
Oleksiy Kvashchenko
Co-Founder, CTO
Dom Rodwell
Chief Strategy Officer
Xander Love
Business, Community & Arts
Engine Programming
3D Engineering
Blockchain Development
Engine Programming
3D Engineering
Blockchain R&D
Miguel Angelo
Award Winning 3D Artist
3D Pipeline & Ops
Software Programming
Characters & Rigging

Advisory team

Paul Gordon
Web 3 Advisor and Angel
Neil Rankin
Crypto Advisor and Angel
Tokenomics and Community Advisor
Paul Bronstein
Metaverse Ops XR Miami
Jason Daley
Investor Relations Canada
Blockchain / Web3 Advisor
Early phases
  • Incorporation
  • Core Development
  • Events Solution
  • Avatar system 1.0
  • Live streaming
  • Networking
  • Shopping interface
Q1 2022

Ozone Public Demo

  • Demo of Ozone engine at ozonemetaverse.io
  • Community Launch
  • Pre-seed and seed raises completed
  • Build out of assets library
  • Enhancement of animation and lighting systems
  • Community events and go-to-market strategy
Q2 2022

'District Zero' Launch

  • Proof of concept launch of core features
  • Upgraded UI design & HUD
  • Use PFP NFT avatars
  • Demos of additional features (e.g. meetings,
    commerce, streaming etc)
  • Private raise via launch pad partners
  • Team & partnership development
Q3 2022

First Districts, Land Sales & $OZONE token

  • $OZONE token public sale
  • Land sales for first 3 Districts go live
  • Staking and rewards for Land NFT and $OZONE holders
  • Ozone DAO & DAO-as-as-service framework proposals
  • White label NFT marketplace solution
Q4 2022

Launch Districts & Marketplace

  • Additional districts with phased Land Sales
  • Land Dashboard available to all holders
  • Buy land accessories in Ozone marketplace
  • Customise and develop Land Parcels
  • Buy Power-Ups for new capabilities
  • Proposals for new District DAOs open
  • Vehicles available in marketplace

First Districts, Land Sales & $OZONE token

  • Community / DAO driven districts
  • Cross-chain compatibility for $OZONE, Districts and Land
  • Commerce engine launch for goods, digital assets & events
  • User generated NFT marketplace opens
  • Fully customisable avatars
  • Wearables available in marketplace

Future development

  • AI-Powered avatars
  • Expansion of blockchain support
  • Augmented Reality - AR cloud activation
  • DAO-as-a-service

Strategic partners

Our investors