The only metaverse platform
built for internet scale

The future has arrived and it is faster than you could ever imagine. The Ozone Metaverse runs on the Flow blockchain and our blistering-fast proprietary O3 graphics and gaming engine. It's an unbeatable combination.

A seamless experience.
On every device.

Your worlds, your way. Our exclusive technology means that you are able to experience the Metaverse whenever, however, and wherever you want.

On the web

Our platform is built for the web, and accessible in any modern browser. Our proprietary 3D engine delivers blistering performance direct to your screen.

In full VR

Ozone Metaverse is already fully VR enabled, for a truly immersive Metaverse experience. Just put on your headset and give it a try.

On mobile

Forget downloads, Ozone is designed to deliver the same smooth performance on smartphones, putting the Metaverse right in the palm of your hand, wherever you might be.

Liquid UI. For smooth operators.

We asked our designers and engineers to create the most fluid, easiest to use interface to explore new worlds. Only on Ozone, Liquid UI adapts and changes to what you're doing, and on what device, for the most natural experience in the Metaverse.

Built on Flow. It just flows.

Flow blockchain is being embraced by the world’s biggest brands because it is easy to use, trusted, and powerful to build with. The Ozone Metaverse is powered by Flow, giving you the freedom to define new horizons.


Flow enables breakthrough NFT composability that allows us to deliver some of our most incredible features.

Built for scale

Flow blockchain was designed from the ground up to support exceptional user experience at mainstream scale.

Super fast

Flow is designed to run ultra fast, just like Ozone's platform. Providing a fluid, consistent experience.

No gas

Flow gas costs are virtually non-existent - but Ozone covers all the gas costs for you anyway so trading is completely free.

Powered by the O3 Graphics Engine.

New worlds can only be powered by new technologies. That is why we developed our own unique O3 graphics and gaming engine – to give the fastest, most seamless user experience.

Zero limit


On avatars & scale
Up to


Polygons per second
Up to

100 x

More power & scale

Up to 3 x faster and cheaper to build and deploy than other engines

Ozone O3
Unreal Engine

While still enabling the same incredible experiences

This is just the start

Ozone Metaverse is on an exciting journey. Where we end up will be shaped not just by us, but by every creator and citizen who joins our community. Check out our upcoming features and tools.

Game engine


Switch up your look whenever you want. Complete flexibility of avatar creation and selection, including wearables.

NFT minting

Developer SDKs

In early 2023 we'll roll out our Developer SDKs to allow teams to develop programmatically with Ozone Metaverse and the amazing O3 Engine.