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Build land

Buy land in Ozone with the $OZONE token, and design the spaces and worlds you've always dreamed of.
We're building the fastest and easiest-to-use platform for designing and creating metaverse experiences. Whether you're an individual, a brand, an IP owner or a DAO, we've got a solution for you.
Flow + the O3 Engine
Ozone Metaverse runs on the Flow blockchain and our blistering-fast O3 graphics and gaming engine. It's an unbeatable combination.
Watch your land develop
Stake $OZONE alongside your land to develop it and reveal new scarcity, features and other rewards.
Design in Ozone Studio
Ozone is designed from the ground-up to be a no-code, low friction tool - use Ozone Studio to design and customise your space.
The only limit is imagination
This is just the start. On our roadmap we've got hundreds of new features and capabilities coming. Gaming, commerce, business tools and much, much more.
Coming July 4 weekend
This summer we'll reveal our initial launch Districts, operated by the Ozone Foundation DAO. We can't wait to show you around.
Ozone StudioOzone Studio

Build experiences

Trade accessories in Ozone Marketplace to personalise your Land and give it new styles and capabilities.
Content partnerships
We're agreeing dozens of partnerships with brands and IP owners that will bring the content and experiences you love right into the Ozone Metaverse. Stay tuned for some mind-blowing announcements including music, movies and gaming.
Build new features & utility
Our unique, user friendly approach to world composability lets you add Power-Ups to your land - special Ozone NFTs that introduce new features such as lighting, music streaming, ticketing and more.
Ozone NFT Marketplace
Launching soon after the initial land drops the marketplace will contain thousands of initial items such as buildings, vehicles, pets and other decorations. You can even create and sell your own items - using our no-code minting tools or via our SDK.

Build community

Launch a new District of your own
Creation of new Districts and governance of them is enabled by the $OZONE token. Submit DAO Proposals that define look and feel, layout, land styles and operating rules
Rich communication tools
Ozone has been designed to support powerful communication. Core features include friending, groups, audio and video chat - even screen-sharing for meetings and important DAO proposal votes!
Ozone Metaverse is all about bringing humanity closer in new ways. And it's a metaverse-as-a-service, meaning your communities are the ones who get to decide what gets built, how it looks and how it works.
Create a space for your community to thrive, whatever it's about
In 2023 Ozone will launch our DAO-as-a-service platform, enabling anyone to set up a District DAO with just a few clicks, defining on-chain governance, incentives and more.
Image of Ozone Metaverse worldImage of Ozone Metaverse worldImage of Ozone Metaverse world

Build revenue

Sell products & services
Commerce is a key element of the Ozone Metaverse. Open a store to sell virtual and real-world goods such as digital fashion. Charge for tickets that provide access to a special event. Provide business services.
Found your own District
DAOs and other organisations that create their own Districts get full control of their metaverse and its destiny, and are able to set their own commercial governance rules including taxation.
Build, trade and rent land
Ozone Land NFTs can be developed and then sold in a single transaction, together with all of their accessories and Power-Ups. You can also rent the Land Parcel to others for fixed or open time periods and earn $OZONE.
Our powerful tokenomics, combined with our commerce engine enable true, scalable revenue models for metaverse owners.