Land Sale

Build land. Build experiences. Build communities. Build revenues.

A whole new landscape. Ozone Metaverse land is functional, usable, and infinitely adaptable. Buy your land and prepare to build the future of the internet with us.

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Genesis Land Sale Special

To celebrate our initial drop, all community members can purchase Land Parcels at a flat rate in $FLOW and $BLT. When the sale is complete your land will be revealed, along with rarity and any bonus NFT items that are included with it.

Up to 90% off

Parcels come at a special launch discount to support our community - up to 90% off the post-launch period list price.

Random sizes

The cost is flat, and the size of your parcel will be revealed a few days after you buy and hold it.


Land comes with a set of unique atmospheres to make it feel unique and have a real vibe.

Bonus NFTs

Some parcels come with special bonus features that you can hold, trade or use to customize your land.

Choose from our three launch Districts

Each District has its own feel – from the bright and breezy to the dark and edgy. With municipal spaces owned by a landowners, Ozone Metaverse districts are about to become your new Web3 neighbourhood.

Land parcels come in 8 different sizes.

Land parcels are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs from small plots to vast expanses. Hold it, use it, flip it, develop it, lease it. It’s your call. And landowners will get much more than a plot of land to build on. They will also be given a key voice in shaping how their district operates at townhall meetings.

10 x 10
15 x 15
25 x 25
50 x 50
100 x 100
150 x 150
200 x 200
300 x 300

Bonus NFTs inside.

We want Metaverse Pioneers to build, build, build, build. To help them do this, we will airdrop unique NFT artefacts and exclusive power ups to unlock additional functionality, use and customize plots, and add value.

Only some of the land parcels have these special attributes that will be revealed soon after you purchase. They are additional Flow NFTs that get dropped to your wallet.


Artefacts are bonus accessories you can use to customise your land parcel.


Power Ups unlock new superpowers for your land - like streaming and commerce.


Who doesn’t love tokens? Some parcels come with a bonus drop of $OZONE tokens.

Design and develop land

We've built the tools. All we need is your imagination.


No-code, no problem. Ozone is designed to let you focus on just creating. Our no-code, low friction studio gives you all you need to design and customize your land.


You have complete flexibility to customize your land to get it just the way you want it. Change the sky, add buildings, plant some trees and much more.

Add utility

With easy integration of gaming, commerce, and business tools you can make the space your own. Just buy some Power Ups and unlock new features and capability.

Trade in Ozone Marketplace

Hodl it

Be a Metaverse land-banker - buy a plot, HODL, and sell it when the price is just right for you.

Flip It

Be a Metaverse developer - design and develop, give your real estate curb appeal, then auction it off to turn a profit.

Work it

Be a Metaverse landlord, creating adaptable unique spaces that others desperately want to rent.

What will you build?

Ozone makes building easy. Buy a land parcel in one of our Districts, then use exclusive Ozone Studio, accessories, and power-ups to create something truly extraordinary.


Thanks to our integrated tools, the Metaverse is set to become your new marketplace.


Build hangouts, clubhouses and gathering places for your community to gather, whatever your tribe.


Be a Metaverse Impresario. Create a nightclub where you can DJ, an arena for e-sports, or host free or paid events.


With video streaming and screen sharing right out of the box, Ozone Metaverse is ready for business.


Our upcoming game engine will support the design of quests, rules and custom physics for all kinds of games. Start your engines!