Ozone enables you to own, scale, and monetize
interactive 3D experiences. Simple to use - Powerful - 100% browser based.

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Create worlds in the Ozone Studio

The Ozone Studio is the industry-leading solution for creating virtual worlds.

The only tool you need
Ozone Studio makes it easy to create high-quality virtual worlds. Forget about complicated gaming engines, expensive game-development teams and production. Just a few clicks in the Ozone Studio and your virtual world is ready.
The complete toolkit for the virtual worlds construction
Benefit from thousands of professional templates, images, and quality content to choose from. Bring your own assets from Blender, Sketchfab, 3DMax and any other asset creation tool of your choice. Get assets from hundreds of creators at Ozone Marketplace via a unique NFT pipeline to further enhance your creation.
Built for teamwork
Invite people to edit with you or set your whole team up to manage brand assets. Use the collective mind to build great products faster. Brainstorm and collaborate to develop next-generation experiences for your fans and followers. Use your creativity and we will take care of complexity.

Too good not to share

Whether you build a social space for your friends and family, a showroom or a store for your brand, a stage to showcase science experiments for your students, let your creation shine in the "real" and highly-accessible virtual world.

As simple as sharing a website link.
Just click the ‘Share’ button and post the link into your social media, text your friend, or drop a link into the messenger group chat.
All you need is a web-browser
Simple, fast and scalable - the Ozone all-in-one platform allows you to enjoy your creation via web-browser on desktop, mobile, and VR.

Earn in the Ozone Metaverse

Earning can come in different forms and shapes. The Ozone platform enables all of them.

Monetize in a new way
We've integrated Ozone payment gateway for your Web3 assets and traditional e-commerce goods. Tap into an immersive 3D shopping experiences, develop and expand your brand equity and unlock new revenue streams with the help of Ozone platform.
Expand you community
Expand your brand presence and build a base of next-gen followers in the metaverse. Games, quests, social events are only a few of the many things that your audience can enjoy together in your world.
Creation pride and ownership.
Give the world a chance to see and recognize your creativity and skills. Own your dream world and amaze others.

Accessible on Billions of Devices

On the web

Our platform is built for the web, and accessible anywhere. Our proprietary 3D engine delivers blistering performance direct to your screen. We literally had someone a mobile phone in Tibet login and have a blast!

In full VR

Ozone Metaverse is already fully VR enabled, for a truly immersive Metaverse experience. Just put on your headset and give it a try.


On mobile

Forget downloads, Ozone is designed to deliver the same smooth performance on smartphones, putting the Metaverse right in the palm of your hand, wherever you might be.

Our team

Jay Essadki

Jay Essadki

Ex-DisneyCo-Founder, CEO
Oleksiy Kvashchenko

Oleksiy Kvashchenko

Ex-OracleCo-Founder, CTO
Florian Ehrbar

Florian Ehrbar

Finance & Funding advisorSydney, AustraliaEx-director at large family officeWeb3 capital partnerships
William Volk

William Volk

Head of Games and industry partnershipsLos Angeles, CAFormer VP Activision Studios.Director of Shiba Inu Games


Engine Programming


3D Engineering


Blockchain Development


Engine programming


3d pipeline & Ops


Full Stack developer


Frontend developer


Design and concept Arts


UI/UX designer

Advisors team

Neil Rankin

Neil Rankin

VC Investor, London, UKNetzero CapitalIn Crypto and Venture Capital since 2012Strategic alliances
Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon

Angel Inverstor, London, UKCoinscrum FounderFinance and Startup investing since 2010Bitcoin Old-G
Mike Vorhaus

Mike Vorhaus

Industry Relations, Los Angeles, CA, USAVorhaus Advisors Founder and CEODigital Media & Gaming
Janette Chung

Janette Chung

Silicon ValleyAngel investorFintech, Payments & DeFi products advisor
Subha Rajana

Subha Rajana

Silicon ValleyAngel investorAdvisor and Ambassador
Niki Gastinel

Niki Gastinel

Silicon ValleyAngel investorAdvisor and Ambassador



Platform Rollout

  • Listing of $OZONE Token
  • Market NFT utility - Avatars
  • Enterprise Sales Started
  • Closing of 2 big clients
  • Investment injections
  • AI R&D Start
  • Ex-Activision Head of Games joins OZONE
  • DTC Partnership
  • Gotbit Hedge fund investment
  • Support for Flow collections
  • Dapper wallet integration
Q1 2024

Token and AI Growth

  • Token growth / ATC investment
  • New Listing: COINSTORE
  • KOLs selection and onboarding
  • Team Expansion
  • RPG GAME-system development start
  • Corporate partnerships
  • ASIA markets Expansion: Hong Kong, China, and Korea
  • Golden Dragon Award
  • Ex Head of AR/VR Unity joins OZONE
  • 2D GENAI start (GPT, Stable diffusion)
  • PhysX integration
  • Apple Vision pro-testing
Q2 2024

Groundbreaking Announcements

  • 3 additional listings for $OZONE TOKEN
  • 1st popular metaverse migration to OZONE
  • Intro of "Build-on-Ozone-Save-to-Unity"
  • RPG Game System Demo 1
  • AAA 4K rendering world demo
  • Secure at least one Tier 1 exchange
  • Enable spend of $OZONE TOKEN - BNB
  • Activate Liquidity for $OZONE TOKEN - FLOW
  • Market NFT Utility - Vehicles
  • 2D GENAI - Expansion
  • Studio Extended features: Twitch, PhysX, and advanced building tools
Q3 - Q4 2024


  • Tier 1 VC - Equity Funding
  • Announcement of Burn mechanics
  • Team Expansion
  • Districts Expansion
  • Completion of no-code Studio
  • OZONE NPM Packages for developers
  • 2D GENAI - completion
  • Release of Crypto RPG Game
  • Introduction of RWA System
  • Market NFT Utility- RPG Assets
  • Multi-currency support
  • Cross chain Economy
  • HK office Set up
  • Switzerland Foundation preparation